Hello all, welcome to my website VGfree

If you’re a mobile game lover, then we’re on the same boat. Here’s my story, yours is problem the same if you end up on my website.


Nowadays, people are trying to have relaxed and fun time on their mobile. They downloaded lots of games the app store offers. Most of them are free of course. However, the problem with free game is that the developers have to make money somehow for their hard work of coding and designing the games. That’s why the so-called in-app purchase exists.


Big game like Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, Game of War – Fire Age, or Mobile Strike… They spent tons of money advertising their games, so they can attract lots of paid players. And that’s where the problem begins. I’m used to play Mobile Strike, and let’s me tell you. At first, the game was fun, the alliance was nice with awesome people. Then to compete, I spent a little bit money on the game, you know, to have fun, to have the sensation of winning and destroying others. Unfortunately, as the game progress, even though I spent thousands of dollars (yep, you don’t wanna know the actual number), I can’t keep up with the top paid players. They can easily destroy me or any players that actually play for free.

I’m really pissed about this. Fortunately, I stopped (I hope a little more sooner). And when I looked online, there’re tons of people that feel the same way, PISSED! How does anybody expect us to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. One of my friend on the game he confessed that he literally spent over 10 grands for just one game. And the worst part is he will have to continue paying more to keep up, otherwise all he invested will go to waste.


I did quite a bit of research, to find hacks, cheats, backdoors, the way to play and have fun without spending a fortune. Let me tell you, it’s not an easy task. However, I’m sick and tired of those games that have to pay to actually have fun. You’ll be able to find most of the popular game here with the backdoor server hacks, and the cheat engines. Please enjoy these free hacks for your unlimited golds and gems.